Coconut Textiles® grew out of my appreciation for what makes fashion interesting to me: the fabric prints. Design is cool and ultimately very important to what makes a product attractive, but to me prints are what set products apart.

  • Do they catch your eye?
  • Do they challenge what you think works as a motif combination, colour palette or scale of print?

Through Coconut Textiles® I aim to explore these ideas and see what results when the rules are bent or the unthinkable is tried.

My print ideas originate from what I am surrounded with: interesting flora and fauna, an abstract painting, a travel memory, something uniquely Australian or just scribblings when I have a spare minute or 2. My blog posts will share the background stories to some of my favourite prints, and how inspiration and technique came together to give you what you see showcased in my work.

I hope you enjoy these insights!