My days might see me designing some epic, layered floral print trying to force myself to move away from mustard as a key colour, or drawing motifs of classic iconic animals or plants in a way that is quirky and fun without any colour limitation at all!

I am rarely influenced by trends, my ideas come to me spontaneously (it might have been a stranger’s outfit on a tram that made me think of a particular colour combo) and if the idea in my head doesn’t match the end result then it doesn’t go any further. I guess you could say my aesthetic is to have no obvious aesthetic other than it features my own (carefully curated!) design style.

A couple of my latest prints are below, see what you think. All of my prints are available for licensing, either exclusively or non-exclusively. This way, it’s exciting for me to see where they end up – perhaps on a product I would never think to pair them with! If you’re keen to learn more, just drop me a line by clicking here.

What’s next for me – proteas, more black cockatoos, maybe fruits. I’m finalising the prints for little coconut®’s next rash vest range and making plans to expand the product offering. You can expect to see more cockies, lobsters, prawns and some epic flowers to tie it all together.

Watch this space!